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Sorinex Saxon Bar
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Sorinex Saxon Bar:
The ultimate pinch grip bar. Two grip widths to work narrow and wide pinching, taxing not only the fingers but, the thumb as well.
A bar that strongman legend Arthur Saxon would have been proud of.

Note: Spring Collars will not work with non-machined bars.
(1) Sorinex Saxon Bar
  • Brand: Sorinex
  • Bar Type: Specialty
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Diameter: 3", 4"
  • Length: 63"
  • Knurl Marks: None
  • Center Knurl: No
  • Shaft Coating: Black Texture Powder Coat
  • Tensile Strength:
  • Sleeve Coating: Black Texture Powder Coat
  • Sleeve Construction: Welded
  • Bushing/Bearing: Fixed
  • Made in USA: Yes

Customer Reviews (4)

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Saxon Bar

Wade Gillingham from Marshall, MN United States
Dec 11, 2017

This is a great piece of equipment. I first used this at the 2013 Mighty Mitts contest and knew I had to have one. This is bar is rock solid. The welds and coating are top notch. This is a real bargain at the current price. Every weight room should have this bar. The exercise possibilities are endless. Besides being a deadlift grip test this will also work your wrists, fingers, and forearms in a new way when performing curls or wrist curls. It can also be used for cleans, rows, presses, etc.. Great bar from a great company!

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Benjamin from
Dec 11, 2017

Joe Musselwhite sold me on the Bar and it arrived last Friday. It is one solid piece of steel and a humbling device. I only managed to get 100lbs for a set of 6 on the 3 inch side.

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BEST Bar of 2013!

Joe Musselwhite from Trinidad, TX
Dec 11, 2017

I love mine for sure and I'm knocking on the door @ 150 lbs. currently on the 3" side. I've been doing cleans and presses with mine as well. Also, performing standing curls is a unique experience as well and no other bar I know of hits the fingers harder! Same with seated wrist curls! WOW! BEST Bar of 2013!

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Saxon Bar

Jesse Jobe from Council Bluffs, Iowa
Dec 11, 2017

I have been wanting one of these for a long time. This is built rock solid, it could definitely hold plenty of weight but I don't think I will have to worry about that. The powder coating is nice, but you definitely have to get some chalk ground into it. The great thing about this is you can use both parts of this for gripping, being able to do over 100 LBS on the 4" side will make your forearms hurt.

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Sorinex Saxon Bar

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