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The Ballistica Sorinex War Hammer - Sledgehammer Fitness Training
The Ballistica
Our Price: $149.00

Sorinex War Hammer
Our Price: $139.00

Sandbag Elite Package The Sorinex Mighty Mitts Hand Grenade
Sandbag Elite Package
Starting at: $99.00
Poundstone Signature Husafell Stone Sorinex Fat Bar
Sorinex Fat Bar
Our Price: $125.00

CrushBooster™ for Pop's Gripper Captains of Crush Grippers
Armaid Spud Inc. Track Harness
Starting at: $99.00

Spud Inc. Track Harness
Our Price: $62.00
Bosco Dumbbell, circus bar bell replica, 7' Log Training Bar Sorinex Mighty Mitts Pop's Gripper
Bosco Bell
Our Price: $275.00

7' Log Training Bar
Our Price: $340.00

FATGRIPZ Thickbar Wrap Sorinex Saxon Bar
FATGRIPZ Thickbar Wrap
Our Price: $39.00
Sorinex Saxon Bar
Our Price: $225.00

Grip4orce Thickbar Wrap (pair) Spud Inc. Belt Squat Belt Spud Inc. Hanging Ab Straps
Grip4orce Thickbar Wrap
Our Price: $39.95

Spud Inc Belt Squat Belt
Our Price: $74.00
Spud Inc FrankenHyper Belt Spud Inc 2 Ply Deadlift Belt Spud Inc. Neck/Head Harness
Spud Inc. Dip Belt Sorinex Mighty Mitts Anvil Trainer
Spud Inc Dip Belt
Our Price: $44.00
Since the dawn of time, man has been infatuated with lifting and conquering of odd shaped and ultra heavy objects. Take a step outside of your comfy indoor gym, and wrap your arms around some of the same implements used by the strongest men on the planet.