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Tendo Power Analyzer w/ Mat
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Tendo Power Analyzer w/ Mat:

The Tendo Power Analyzer w/ Mat supersedes the Tendo Weightlifting Analyzer.
Takes the previous Tendo units to the next level of today.

What is measured and calculated?

Average power measured in Watts [W] for the full range of motion.
Partial average power measured in Watts [W] average power for a limited (pre-set) range of motion from 0 to 100% of the range of motion.
Peak power measured in Watts [W] the highest possible power in the full range of motion.Average velocity measured in meter per second [m/s] for the full range of motion.Peak velocity measured in meter per second [m/s] the highest possible speed.Peak Force measured in Newtons [N] maximum force for a limited (pre- set) range of motion from 0 to 100% of the range of motion.
The microcomputer also measures a rest time (time of inactivity of the sensor unit) between reps or sets measured in seconds. After 10 seconds of the rest time, the microcomputer shows time from the last repetition or set.
Eccentric average velocity (average velocity in downward movement) measured in meter per second [m/s]
Rest Time and Eccentric Velocity can be turned on or turn off in setting mode.

Tendo Power Analyzer microcomputer shows:
- power, force and velocity measurements
- Percentage of best power, force and velocity
- Number of repetition
- Adjustable limits of audio signals
- Memory for 500 reps
- wireless Bluetooth connection to the computer (computer software and Tendo Bluetooth is an additional option.)

What can be set up in setting mode:
- Audio signal Low/Upper Limit
- Filter 0 - 150 cm
- % limit for Partial Avg. Power and Peak Force
- Rest time (turn on or turn off)
- Eccentric velocity (turn on or turn off) - Range of motion.

**This unit features rubber mat that brings the sensor string out of and away from head sensor unit, to prevent damage to head sensor from falling weights
(1) Microcomputer
(1) Velocity Sensor Unit
(1) Weightlifting Mat
(1) Tripod
(4) Rechargeable batteries (AA)
(1) Built-in Battery Charger
(1) Carrying Bag
(1) Power Adapter
(1) User's Manual
  • Brand: Tendo
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Width: 8"
  • Length: 24"
  • Material: Plastic, Aluminum, Rubber
  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Bluetooth Compatible: Yes
  • Computer Compatible: Yes
  • Made in USA: No
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Tendo Power Analyzer w/ Mat

Product Code: P02496

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