Tendo Weightlifting Analyzer
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This is the unit that is changing training forever. Up until recently there was no way to easily determine power output and bar speed in training and testing. The Tendo does just that. If we, as athletes are training for force production, we need to look at both MASS and ACCELERATION. We have been able to adjust and quantify mass for decades, but accurate velocity measurements have been problematic. The Tendo unit easily hooks to the barbell, plate stack or athlete and measures velocity in meters per second up to a 3 meter range of motion. If proper mass of barbell or athlete has been entered into the microcomputer, the unit gives velocity as well as power output measurements for up to 99 reps before having to reset. Unit comes with carry case, tripod, micro-computer, manual, batteries with charger, and velocity sensor unit. Weightlifting Analyzer model measures peak as well as average power and velocity. This unit can also be interfaced with a laptop computer to run up to 8 stations simultaneously. This is fast becoming the choice of the professional trainers, colleges and pro teams. Computer Software and interface additional. Does not come with Laptop Computer.
(1) Tendo Velocity Sensor (1) Weightlifting Micro-computer Unit (1) Tendo Weightlifting Pad (1) Tendo Power Cord (1) Tendo Data Cord (1) Tendo User Manual (1) 46” Collapsable Tripod (1) Carry Case Batteries with charger
  • Brand: Tendo
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Width: 9" Length: 24"
  • Material: Plastic, Aluminum, Rubber Mat
  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Bluetooth Compatible: Yes
  • Computer Compatible: Yes
  • Made in USA: No
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Tendo Weightlifting Analyzer

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