Richard Sorin

Richard Sorin (Soar-in)
Nicknames: Pops aka Dops aka Gripasaurus aka Mr. Richard

Age: 59
Height: 6' 5"
Bodyweight: 270 lbs

Athletic experience:

  • High school All-American in track
  • College letter in track all 4 years
  • Masters All-American track (Discus)
  • Masters National Champion powerlifting
  • South Carolina masters state record holder in powerlifting
  • South Carolina record holder in Olympic weightlifting
  • 45 years coaching experience in track, Olympic lifting, and Powerlifting
  • First to close #3 gripper.

Lifting Style (Current):

  • Powerlifting movements
  • Olympic weightlifting movements
  • Power bodybuilding movements
  • Grip training

Area(s) of Expertise:

  • Throwing shot-put
  • Discus
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Strength training for athletics

What got you into weight training / what is your training past:
Brought my first barbell set in to show-and-tell at age 5 (55 years ago)

Current Goals:

  • Compete in track and field and Olympic weightlifting in age group competition.  
  • Increased cardio trainingintegrated with strength training.  
  • Shutting the #3 gripper at age 60.

Performance PR's

Bench - 470lbs

Squat - 675lbs

Dead - 714lbs

Clean - 410lbs

Snatch - 290lbs

Any other thing you want to mention:
A thought...One lion can only do so much, a pride of lions can conquer anything.

What you feel you bring to team Sorinex:
Each at Sorinex adds their own expertise. Bridging the gap of information and hands-on mechanical knowledge for the past 45 years of active involvement in strength training. A masters in teaching background to aid in putting forth education into developing training equipment and its proper use. An extensive background in history of strength and being actively involved in coaching and athletic competition on many levels. 30 years in strength equipment business. Being an innovator and having the ongoing passion and love for the strength game and my business.