Mighty Mitts Pop's Gripper with SpeedPort Socket
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The perfect blend of old school grip training and cutting edge loading parameters makes for an absolute "game changer". Plate loaded grippers will only get you so far, but Richard Sorin kicked it up another notch, and made this grip tool band compatible in a multitude of ways for varied loading. The bands (two sizes included) allow for resistance, even without any plates. The bands accommodate resistance (for those of you training to shut the next spring style gripper) and make it possible for conjugate style grip training!
The Pops Gripper now includes the SpeedPort™ Socket, which is an attachment port for various grip training implements. One attachment is our CrushBooster™, to train for other types of grip strength. The CrushBooster works with the included Bands, making the Pops Gripper the most complete training Gripper on the market. Easy to transport and load Olympic or standard plates, this gripper is a close replica of the model Richard trained on in the 70's & 80's on his way to becoming the first man to close #3 Captain of Crush Gripper. Will you be the next grip legend?

Other Shorts bands are available for additional cost (and resistance)
(1) Pops Gripper (2) Short (12"¯) Mini Bands (Red) (2) Short (12"¯) Light Bands (Purple) (1) SpeedPort Socket **Weight Plate not included
  • Brand: Sorinex
  • Strongman Category: Grip Strength
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Width: 14"¯
  • Length: 22"¯
  • Height: 24"¯
  • Diameter: 1.25"¯
  • Material: 11 ga steel
  • Color: Black
  • Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat
  • Made in USA: Yes

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Amazing Tool!

Brian Shaw from Fort Lupton, Colorado
Aug 03, 2015

I have been using your Pop's Gripper and CrushBooster with the bands attached and it is a really amazing tool! I appreciate you signing it the way you did as well...meant a lot to me. Thank you for thinking of me! Brian Shaw 2011 World's Strongest Man www.shawstrength.com

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Best Value Plate Loadable Gripper

Brent Quandt from Lincoln , NE United States
Aug 03, 2015

I received my Pop's today- its weighs 45 pounds and is very sturdy, even over built. The hardware includes nylock nuts, the finish is durable. It is noisy when used and has a little play in the rails by design. The handles are very thick but in my opinion it gives a more comfortable feel. The included bands provide smooth consistent resistance. The range of motion could be better as the handles never touch. Free Shipping and good customer service add to the value of this excellent product.

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Fantastic Gripping Tool!

Jonathan Taliani from Dayton, OH United States
Aug 03, 2015

I purchased the Pop's Gripper and the CrushBooster. Both of these tools provide an excellent workout for a great price! Not only does this machine work as well or better than higher priced units BUT it also provides the ability to use bands AND INCLUDES THE BANDS. The bands are an invaluable tool, whether used on their own or in conjunction with plates. Unlike plates alone, the bands provide progressive tension making you really work to get the complete close. This is contrasted by the linear tension that traditional plate loaded machines provide. If you are trying to shut torsion spring grippers, you know that they also get considerably harder towards the end. When you factor in everything you get, there are no units on the market that even come close to providing as much bang for your buck.

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The ghost of Arthur Jones can eat his heart out

Beau Resnick from San Francisco, California
Aug 03, 2015

After over 25 years of grinding away with an I.S.G. (Ivanko super gripper) digging into my palm before purchasing Pop's Gripper. The first blessing: I love being able to quantify my grip strength in kilos and pounds. Now it is easier to quantify progress. Second blessing: THE BANDS(!) allow me to go as fast as I want with the tension increasing as I gain mechanical advantage. The ghost of Arthur Jones can eat his heart out. When my order arrived it was missing a pair of caps or plugs, but your customer service had them delivered to me promptly. Five Stars each for design, fabrication and follow up service. Only problem is I'm finding it difficult to forgive myself for taking so long to procure the Pop's Gripper. Sincerely--lifetime loyal customer, Beau Resnick

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Pops Gripper

Barry Roshka from SAINT PETERSBURG, FL United States
Aug 03, 2015

Very nice gripping tool. The added piece for gripper training is great. I have had a gripper from another company witch I paid about 50 dollars more for about 10 years ago. And the Pops gripper does more for less and is built for life. Thanks for the GREAT service.

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Mighty Mitts Pop's Gripper with SpeedPort Socket


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