The KettleClamp
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No matter if you have been newly introduced to kettlebells, or are an RKC certified instructor, the KettleClamp offers an uncompromised kettlebell experience. The KettleClamp makes kettlebells accessible to virtually anyone by turning ANY dumbbell into a kettlebell.

The KettleClamp was created using state of the art design & manufacturing technology. To ensure an authentic feel, the KettleClamp is constructed entirely from cast aluminum and stainless steel. Strong, fast, safe, and durable. The kettlebell adapter fits easily into your gym bag and your budget.

Sold individually

Versatile & Powerful Fasten to dumbbells, or pull up bars with the confidence to lift up to 1,000 LBS Pivoting Handle 90-degree pivoting handle ensures the ideal grip for every movement. Durable Construction Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel with anodized finish. Flexible Fits any dumbbell. Any weight. Any Style.
(1) KettleClamp
  • Brand: KettleClamp
  • Weight Type: Kettlebells
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Handle Diameter: 1.25"Ě
  • Width: 8"Ě
  • Length: 12"Ě
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Color: Black
  • Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat
  • Made in USA: Yes

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Far more than swings

Will Brink from
Nov 26, 2015

When at the Arnold Classic, I’m always on the lookout for something new and interesting for training equipment, and this year didn’t disappoint. People can get a taste of what I got to see in my recent vid from from 2013 Arnold Classic. On the Expo floor, I saw The KettleClamp, which grabbed my attention and I investigated. Glad I did! The KettleClamp allows you to convert any dumbbell into a Kettlebell, but there’s FAR more that can be done with The KettleClamp. To be honest, I’m not a big kettlebell person. Although I do use them semi regular, they are not a central part of my exercise programs. I could see however The KettleClamp would not only allow me to convert the dumbbells I have in my home gym into KBs, there was plenty of other benefits to having a pair of KettleClamps in my tool box. Here’s a recent workout I did using The Kettle Clamp. In this workout, I do a GPP/conditioning workout in two blocks: Pull ups and farmers walks & KB swings, grappler press, dead lifts using FatGripz.

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Great piece

Nick Nilsson from
Nov 26, 2015

The Kettlebell is a great piece of training equipment…but what if you don’t have access to kettlebells but you DO have dumbells? That’s where the KettleClamp comes into play. This equipment clamps onto a dumbell handle, turning the dumbell into a kettlebell. It can used for a variety of exercises, including the standard (and very effective) kettlebell swing.

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Nick Tumminello from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Nov 26, 2015

This is a very innovative, cost effective and space efficient way to turn any dumbbell into a kettlebell without having to buy (and store) a full set of kettlebells.

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The KettleClamp

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